623 Dundas St.
Old East Village

London, Ontario,
Canada N5W 2Z1


The Root Cellar is closed to the public for now, but you can still enjoy our food through The Root Cellar Kitchen: local, organic & from-scratch pre-made meals delivered to your door by On The Move Organics :)

Sustainable Eats

From 2012-2020 we proudly served fresh, local, and organic meals -  truly farm to fork dining! While our restaurant remains closed to the public, you can still enjoy Root Cellar food through our partners at On The Move Organics! Check out The Root Cellar Kitchen: sustainable pre-made meals made from scratch in our kitchen and delivered to your front door :)

Our food is familiar, seasonal and always sustainably-sourced. From our vibrant frozen dinners to our sourdough pizza kits, from our house-made condiments to our delicious dessert menu, we take great care with your food. We offer a wide variety of plant-based foods along with local and organic dairy, meat sourced from local farms practicing regenerative agriculture, and fish from the Great Lakes. 


Who we are

Established in 2012, The Root Cellar is an organic restaurant in London Ontario’s historic Old East Village serving local farm-to-fork fare. Closely aligned with On The Move Organics, we pride ourselves on working in the neighbourhood we live in and love, while serving up the best of our local foodshed. Want to learn more? We're on Vimeo! Check out "A New Economy".

Our mission is to change the food system that affects all of us. We believe that food is political, that the choices we make about food -- what we choose to eat and whom we choose to support by doing so -- resonate through our community, economy, and planet. At the foundation of this project is a commitment to invigorating our community, discovering the plenitude of our local foodshed, supporting sustainable agricultural practices, and working cooperatively.

Food Sovereignty: The right of peoples to healthy, culturally-appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and these peoples’ right to define their own food and agriculture systems ( Via Campesina).

Our producers

We source organic food first and go local whenever possible. It’s our mission to advocate for and support London’s small-scale organic farmers and producers -- those tenacious, hard-working and innovative folks at the heart of our local food system. The bulk of our food sourcing happens through On The Move Organics (you can order from them too! Check out onthemoveorganics.ca). We’ll keep this list updated with our farmer, producer and community partners. Also check out our interactive Sourcing Map at the restaurant to see which items we’re sourcing from each farm!

Don and Sharon Gingerich / Gingerich Farms (Zurich, ON)

HOPE ECO Farms Co-op (Aylmer, ON)

Reimer Family Farm (Aylmer, ON)

Colin and Wendy Springett (Mt. Brydges, ON)

Slegers Greens (Strathroy, ON)

Pfenning’s Organic Farm (Baden)

Mark's Fine Meats (London, ON)

Arva Flour Mills (Arva, ON) 

Whitecrest Mushrooms (Putnam, ON)

Cleon and Martha Martin (Mt Forest, ON)

Booch Kombucha (London, ON)

Harmony Organic

Patrick’s Beans (London, ON)

Planet Bean Coffee (Guelph, ON)

London Brewing (London, ON)

Wildflowers Tea (St. Thomas, ON) 

Rezonance Printing (London, ON)